Join us at Science Centre Singapore to celebrate the festival of numbers!

Have you ever wondered the significance behind the date – March 14th? Take a guess before you read further…

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Yes, it is Pi Day (3.14159) and hence worldwide people celebrate 3/14 to commemorate the significance behind Pi. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is a symbol in mathematics to represent a constant – the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. The beauty of Pi lies in its infinite value, which in turn makes it a fun challenge to memorize and get engulfed into calculating more and more digits in the world of maths. The countdown is happening and Science Centre Singapore is bringing its own insightful edition through a ‘Festival of Numbers’ as a tribute to the Pi Day, an opportunity not to be missed especially with school holidays round the corner. We, at Imagin8ors, are delighted to give you an overview of all the things you can look forward to in this festival happening from 11th to the 19th of March, 2017 only at Science Centre Singapore. Enter the world of numbers and be amazed as this festival is going to be filled with enriching activities, games, talks and workshops. Re-discover the joy of numbers, patterns and shapes! Challenge one another, calculate, and collaborate. Head down to the KidsSTOP zone! Make art by creating parabolic curves by matching numbers and forming straight lines. Maybe come up with an all new shape yourself (suited for children from 4 to 6 years old). Who said children and adults alike can’t have fun with numbers? Live the math fun by heading down to the Tinkering Studio (Hall E). You can build your own geometric shapes with Strawbees! Creativity is your only limit! Explore the wonders of shapes by challenging your friends and family. Trihexaflexagon – a new shape that some of you might be familiar with and some might stumble upon it the first time. As a prelude to the Festival of Numbers, Science Centre has put together an interesting DIY video right here – FestivalofNumbersposters   For all the teachers or Math lovers, there are workshops/talks happening at the Maxwell Auditorium. Renowned Dr. Hang Kim Hoo (Vice President of the Singapore Mathematical Society) is conducting a talk on March 12th, on ‘How to Learn/Teach Math’ where he would be focusing on the conceptual understanding and the development of specific skills/processes involved in learning the subject. Through relevant exemplars using numbers and teaching of fractions, he will be providing some tips for anyone interested in teaching Mathematics to children in Primary 1 to 3. Click here to know more about the talk. Dr. Hang Kim Hoo will also be steering a workshop on March 18th on Mathematical Discovery & Habits of Mind which will be a hands-on experience to understand the thinking process behind mathematicians while they do their math. Upon regularity and constant practice, they enable development of positive habits of minds in the learning of math. Numbers and geometry are the core focus of the workshop. Click here to know more about the workshop. Let’s talk about treasure hunts! Who doesn’t love treasure hunts? And one that involves a special token. This time it’s built around memory games and puzzle challenges alongside hands-on activities that is sure to be fun, as a part of the Gallery trail. If this weren’t enough, on the very same day, head down to Hall A for a special demonstration on the mystical Rubik’s Cube. It’s a puzzle that seems easy to the eye, yet can take hours of one’s time to get the right pattern in place. You may be surprised how mathematics can be used to get solutions for this challenging task. Join this demonstration by the presenters as they explore the maths behind it. Try it at home later and take everyone by surprise with how little time it might actually take. Click here and here to know more about the Gallery Activities. Rubiks Of course, what’s a ‘Festival of Numbers’ without celebrating the day that sparked this celebration in the first place? Head down to the Atrium at Science Centre Singapore on the 14th of March and witness & participate in the Pi shaped circle formation as a countdown to 1.59 PM. Click here for the date and time. We, at Imagin8ors, didn’t have to wait till the 11th and neither do you. The FunFair Maths is a permanent exhibition happening at Hall B and we managed to catch some very interesting and challenging highlights as a part of the journey. This space signifies and depicts the practical application of maths in probably our day to day lives. Mathematics trickles down to every facet of life in it’s usage, and hence is definitely imperative at the very core. Beyond the rudimentary applications in our everyday lives, maths energizes the mind as we start looking for patterns and processes in the larger scheme of things. This FunFair Maths exhibition does just that and more. Focus, collaborate, think and solve! FFMmain Take a ride on a square-wheel tricycle on a circle or only take right turns to escape the maze!  Learn the different properties of the numbers in the number line or try to plant a daisy by grabbing the stem of a rather tall plant with one hand. Free Lady Y from Pirate X by balancing the ship, by solving the equation of X and Y variables. All this and so much more….  

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Not only that! Science Centre is also bringing together one of the largest Harmonograph. Watch the harmonious pendulum movements that combine to produce beautiful patterns. harmo2s The experience was indeed exhilarating, but we don’t want to give away too much! There’s so much more that awaits you at the FunFair Maths exhibition. Click here to know more about FunFair Maths. Get immersed, enriched and lose yourself in the world of numbers, shapes and patterns. Collaborate with your friends and family and learn new things about the magical world of numbers through hands-on learning experiences. See Math in a whole new dimension. Nurture the spark of lifelong learning in children, by inspiring them to find joy in it! So save the dates! Be part of the ‘Festival of Numbers’ from March 11 – 19  for an exciting array of all day activities, trails, demonstrations and workshops. Come, join the revolution… Get creative! Get calculative! Tap into your critical thinking skills… And spread the Joy of Learning. We, at Imagin8ors, are counting down already!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun But you have to know how.”                                –From: The Cat in the Hat Did you know? March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. In his honor, this special day is a designated reading day across America. Children and adults alike enjoy Dr. Seuss’ works in small group readings, bedtime stories, on stage and more. The world has fallen in love with his books. templates-05_1024 The fun and joy of reading with Dr. Seuss are aplenty as his stories are enticing, engaging and timeless. His works have been instrumental in helping children explore new worlds as they are exposed to a wide range of words which help to build and expand vocabulary and knowledge about new things. Through active listening, children’s understanding of stories is sparked and so is the love of reading. Seuss1 The name Theodor Seuss Geisel may not ring a bell, but the shortened Dr.Seuss might!!! Of more than 60 books he has written, which one is your most favourite and which would you choose to read to your child? We would love to hear from you in the comments section of our Facebook page!

Play with Plinko

  Plinko? Sounds like a funny word ? Do you know what a Plinko actually is? It was originally a game used at “The Price is Right ” tv show to win a prize at random. However building your own “Plinko” is also a great activity for children to develop their focus and critical thinking. You will use recycled materials such as cardboard and popsicle sticks to build a board and add obstacles. Once the board is ready you can drop a marble at the top and hope for a good score at the bottom. img9156edited   Here’s a quick video that we put together to show you what it is. Try this at home! Click here – Here’s a little trick. But, Sshhhhh….don’t tell anybody! The secret lies in the position of the obstacles that will make each plinko different and exciting. So next time you play with your children, try different configurations and combinations, drop the marbles several times and note down the scores. This is an excellent exercise for children to collect and analyse data while having fun. Not just that! It can be played as a multiplayer game and this is a sure win for a perfect weekday or weekend night together at home. Come and play plinko with us. We have this and more at the upcoming Open House this Saturday. Register here –  

11 Opportunities in 2017 to inspire the Joy of Learning!

2017 has us fully in its grip. Vacation blues have been shrugged off, school is in full flow and more than a month has gone by, already! Yet as we look ahead, 2017 holds so much potential. We live at a time of flux. Trends in technology, automation, demographics are dramatically altering the assumptions we have lived our lives on. There is so much to see, do and ponder on. How do we, as parents and educators, help our children make sense of the world they are growing up in? How do we build future relevant skills and knowledge? How can we equip them to be agile, confident, life-long learners right from an early age? With these questions in mind, we at Imagin8ors have curated a calendar of fun learning opportunities in 2017 that you could use as a springboard to stoke your child’s curiosity, to explore ideas and issues at a deeper level, to ask questions and spend time seeking answers, or just to let your hair down and play together. Fun learning moments and activities for children in 2017 designed to inspire the joy of learning   The moments highlighted in our Joy of Learning Calendar are carefully chosen to help your child discover a broad set of interests from nature to stories to math to astronomy; to help you nurture character traits like curiosity, focus, resilience, and a love of learning; and to build an understanding of using technology in an active and purposeful way. So go ahead, mark the dates and stay tuned to our blog and Facebook feed! We will be sharing specific activities around each learning moment and would love to hear if you have any ideas to share back with the community! Lets fill 2017 with the Joy of Learning! Wish to have this calendar for keeps! A printable version is also available. Simply email us at [email protected]/ or whatsapp us at +65 81200702 and we will be happy to send you a copy. These are some sources that we have tapped into to curate the calendar. Do let us know if you think we should add any other moments or days to this list! February 26 : Tell a Story Day – March 2: Dr. Seuss Day – April 22: Earth Day – May 13: Scratch Day – June 8: World Oceans Day – July 8: Math 2.0 Day – August 19: World Photo Day – September 28: Ask a Stupid Question Day – October 4- 10: World Space Week – November 13: World Kindness Day – December 5-11: Hour of Code –

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