Children are born joyful learners, full of wonder and curiosity. Parents play a big role in helping keep that spark burning bright. Our blog explores the thrills and challenges of inspiring children to learn meaningfully in today’s tech-amplified, time-challenged world. We celebrate everyday moments of imagination and creativity that children and parents share. Join us. We would love to hear your views …  

Join us at Science Centre Singapore to celebrate the festival of numbers!

Have you ever wondered the significance behind the date – March 14th? Take a guess before you read further… Yes, it is Pi Day (3.14159) and hence worldwide people celebrate 3/14 to commemorate the significance behind Pi. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is a symbol in mathematics to represent a constant – the ratio of the More..

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun But you have to know how.”                                –From: The Cat in the Hat Did you know? March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. In his honor, this special day is a designated reading day across America. Children and adults alike enjoy More..

Play with Plinko

  Plinko? Sounds like a funny word ? Do you know what a Plinko actually is? It was originally a game used at “The Price is Right ” tv show to win a prize at random. However building your own “Plinko” is also a great activity for children to develop their focus and critical thinking. You More..

11 Opportunities in 2017 to inspire the Joy of Learning!

2017 has us fully in its grip. Vacation blues have been shrugged off, school is in full flow and more than a month has gone by, already! Yet as we look ahead, 2017 holds so much potential. We live at a time of flux. Trends in technology, automation, demographics are dramatically altering the assumptions we have lived our More..

Tinker Fest is back with a BOING!

Tinker Fest is a celebration of the Joy of Learning through play, exploration and experimentation, brought in partnership between  Science Centre Singapore & Imagin8ors). Join us from Dec 10 – Dec 18 for an exciting array of all day activities and workshops at the Tinkering Studio, Science Centre Singapore. Ideal for children (ages 3 and upwards) More..

Tinker Camp weekend

  Last Saturday, as part of ‘Cultivating a culture of tinkering at home’, excited children and parents gathered for Tinker Camp, at the Science Centre Singapore. We witnessed the frenzy as busy hands and creative minds, were at work, gearing up for the big launch of a chain reaction – The Domino Effect.   Junior More..
Tinker Fest- Joy of Learning

Bugs, Empathy and the Joy of Learning! @ Tinker Fest

Have you ever wondered what these myriad bugs are up to, as they busily flit, glide and crawl around on some urgent secret mission? What actually is their daily agenda? If only we could get a sneak peek into their logbooks to glean what’s going on in the secret life of the bugs. At Tinker Fest, More..
Tinker Fest -Joy of Learning

Parent Dialogue on “Raising Joyful Learners!” @Tinker Fest

Tinker Fest, organized by Imagin8ors and Tinkering Studio, Science Center, Singapore connects children, parents, educators and makers in a week-long celebration of the joy of learning’ through play, exploration and experimentation.  As a part of festival we got an opportunity to have a dialogue with parents on “Raising Joyful Learners“. The insightful questions thrown into the More..
Tinker Fest -Joy of Learning

Tinker Fest Sneak Peek!

We are excited to partner with Science Center Singapore to bring you Tinker Fest, a week long celebration of the joy of learning through play, exploration and experimentation. The theme of the festival is “Nurturing 21st Century Learners” and the how tinkering enables that. We arranged a  sneak peek to the festival on Aug 26th, and invited a few special More..
Imagin8ors on the go -MUTB

The Joy of Learning with Monsters Under The Bed!!!

Imagin8ors were on the go again this weekend and  we had the delightful opportunity to meet some bright young tinkerers at Monsters Under the Bed. It was a perfect collaboration, where the creative journey of the children did not just end with writing a story. The stories traveled a few more miles and evolved into More..
Joy of learning -Paper Speaker

August Open House

Our Open House, is an invigorating time for Team Imagin8ors, filled with anticipation of meeting  some new tinkerers and welcoming back the older ones. For animated conversations, stimulating idea exchanges, some fearless tinkering and learning simply for the joy of it. We were ready to lay down the canvases, for the children to pour a little bit of More..
Joy of Learning-Toys Transform

Imagin8ors On-The-Go … The Joy of Learning at your doorstep!

It was indeed a light bulb moment when we thought of Imagin8ors On The Go. What an opportunity for us to bring the Joy of Learning to your very doorstep! To meet wonderful children and parents and together create an environment where we could children could tinker, have fun and learn hands-on. Where we could have More..
Joy of Learning

TTCR (Think,Tinker,Create,Repeat)

Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”  Nowadays everything is handed to us neatly packaged, with little room for imagination or growth. Quite a contrast from when I was a kid, my first “real” toy was a cardboard box. Sounds weird, but according More..
Joy of Learning-Imagin8ors

Managing Change With Kids

Sometimes, I think change has been the one constant in our lives. By the time our younger fella was three, we’d moved across continents, homes and switched careers at least as many times. We were living out of suitcases. Family and friends floated in and out of the kids’ lives, depending on where we were. “Routine More..
Imagin8ors-Keep the door open

Keep the door open, for your inner child!

There is a child within me. A feisty, mischievous child. He visits me out of the blue. He doesn’t knock. He barges in as he knows he’s always welcome. I would (almost) never tell him: “Sorry buddy, I’m in the middle of something serious right now…” or “I don’t want anyone to know you exist…” More..

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